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Your garage doors needs to be service at least once a year to ensure a long lifespan. Faulty door can lead to serious personal injury or damage to vehicles if not attended to timeously.

Things you can check for are the following:

Reversal test – Your door should reopen as soon as any obstruction is perceived while closing. If this does not happen then you could be in danger of being crushed by the closing door.

Forced setting test – if you apply force from under the door with your hand while the door is closing the door should reopen and not continue to push downwards

Visual inspection – one needs to check that all the rollers, hinges, cables and springs are in good working order. If any of these items show any signs of fatigue or damage they need to be replace as soon as possible as they could result in further damage to the rest of the door.

One must bear in mind that if there is damage to the springs on a door it is highly recommended that you only make use of a qualified technician to replace the springs because if they are not handled correctly they could cause serious injury or death as they are under high tension..

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